Growing up in North Bay there definitely wasn’ t a lack of wilderness beauty, it was here my appreciation for photography began.  My interest in photography began as a  hobby, but becoming a father in 2001 grew my passion of capturing the moments of life and preserving the memories of a family’s growth through the years.

My Philosophy is a simple one; for a picture to become a true piece of art it has to be done in collaboration with a photographer and the client.  Capturing a moment worth cherishing for years to come has to feel natural and not forced; this is accomplished through asking questions and really understanding what you the client, wants.

I have honed my skills and specialize in Newborn, Children, Couple, Maternity, Family, and Pet photography, and my unique style takes advantage of both natural and  artificial lighting, whether it be in the studio or on location.  So here I am, a husband to a loving and supportive wife and two beautiful girls who deserve mention in my photographer’s journey.  All three have participated in being my tests subjects when I wanted to try something new.  They have truly been the foundation that has driven me to refine my skill on “freezing a moment in someone’s life”.

Serving Orangeville and surrounding area, I would like to thank you for visiting my website.